Full support from the selection of raw materials to planning, development, manufacturing, and shipping Noodle production technology over a century

We have established a system that can try materials not bound by stereotyped ideas based on the diversification of tastes
and that can also handle made-to-order mass production as well as small lots.

Dried noodles

Mixer Mixing

Production of dried noodles requires a technique to fully bring out the characteristics of wheat flour.

First of all, salt water is added to the flour using a unique manufacturing method, and the dough is mixed moderately.

Mixing the materials with a mixer

Dried noodle production machine Noodle production

Chewy noodles are made on the best production line for making dried noodles.

The mixed dough goes through the aging process and then goes through the noodle production machine. The machine consists of 3 stages of combined rolls and 6 stages of rolling rolls, with a roll width of 450 mm.

Photo of dried noodle production machine

Dried noodle drying/cutting machine Drying/cutting

The noodles are delicately dried to bring out the taste of the noodles to the maximum.

The noodles are hung on a stainless steel rod and placed in the dryer. After drying under the instruction and control of a wide temperature range from medium to high temperature, noodles are cut to a certain size by a cutting machine.

Noodles hung on stainless steel rods

Dried noodle packaging line Packaging

Products are packaged by an automated machine and a careful check system.

The cut noodles are bundled together to the specified weight with an automatic measuring instrument. They are packed in bags by an automatic packaging machine, carefully inspected by a metal detector and a weight checker, and then packed in boxes.

Photo of dried noodle packaging line

Instant noodles

Instant noodle production machine Noodle production

Instant noodles are produced flexibly on an easily adaptable production line.

Salt water is added to wheat flour and the supplemental raw materials that provide the noodles with individual characteristics, and the dough is mixed carefully. Thereafter, the noodles are rolled out to a moderate thickness, and they are made into a wave shape unique to instant noodles in the last step.

Photo of instant noodle production machine

Steamer Steaming

Steaming the noodles at a high temperature imparts chewiness to the noodles while sterilizing them.

The noodles with waves are steamed in a steamer to impart chewiness. This process also gives the noodles a quickly boilable property. At the same time, the noodles are sterilized and divided into one-meal portions.

Photo of steamer

Fryer/hot air dryer Frying/drying

Deep-fried noodles and non-fried noodles respectively undergo automatic processing.

The individually divided noodles are placed in dedicated baskets and deep-fried or hot-air dried. Automatic control of all processes up to this process allows the production of highly reliable products and also enables the small-lot production of various products.

Photo of fryer/hot air dryer

Instant noodle packaging line Packaging

We deal with small-lot production of various products also for the instant noodle packaging line.

After the deep-fried or hot-air dried noodles are cooled down, they go through a metal detector. Thereafter, they are packed in bags by an automatic packaging machine together with accompanying packets such as soup, weighed on a weight checker, and then packed in boxes.

Photo of instant noodle packaging line

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